Friday, August 24, 2018

Hot Mess Mom vs. Back to School

Now that the first few weeks of school are under our belts, we can all take a collective sigh of relief. We all made it through the start of a new school year — and that’s something to be very proud of. If you’re anything like me — a hot mess the majority of the time — you had a pretty rough first week back. 

To begin, I have procrastinated for the past two weeks writing this post — so here it finally is!

I set the tone for how the first week of school would go by waiting until the day before school started to get school supplies. That followed with my hot mess fail of a first day.

Triston and Addison on the first day of school

My son, Triston, has a seizure disorder and takes medicine at a set time twice a day. It is very important that he doesn’t miss a dose. Because my middle daughter, Alyssa, goes to a different school than Triston and needs to be fed before school starts, my husband, Jonathan, takes Triston to school in the mornings. On the first day of school (when the carpool drop-off line is chaotic), what do I forget to do? That’s right! I forget to give Triston his medicine. 

Luckily, my mom stayed with us the night before, and I was able to realize quickly that I had forgotten his medicine. I called Jonathan right away, and he hadn’t dropped Triston off yet. They pull out of the line and wait on me to get there. After giving him the medicine, we both decide to walk him to his classroom. This isn’t what we had planned the night before since Triston was going into second grade and he told us he was fine walking in by himself. However, we couldn't miss out on walking him to his classroom on his first day of school. 

After I get back home, we leave to go shopping out of town. I planned it early so we would be back in time to pick Triston up from school. Of course, I start running behind schedule and barely get back in time to drop my mom and youngest daughter off at home. Halfway to the school, I realize I had forgotten his name card that is mandatory for pickups. I rush back home, grab the card, and rush back to the school. Thankfully, the carpool line is still going. That’s better than I did last year on the first day of school when I was too late for carpool and he had to wait to be picked up from the office.

Wednesday of that week, Alyssa started back to school at her special needs preschool. The school does not have qualified staff that can handle her tube feedings, so I arranged to have her start school 30 minutes later so I can feed her in the mornings. That morning, I get up early and hook Alyssa up to her feeding pump at 6:30. Her feedings last an hour and a half. When the pump starts beeping at 8:00, I get her up and start changing her. It is a tradition that every year I take a “first day of school” picture. I could tell she wasn't having it, but I wanted to get the pictures anyway. 

She wasn't up for pictures that day

In the middle of taking her pictures, she gets upset and starts gagging herself. I try for just one more picture — then lo and behold — she projectile vomits all over the floor! Thankfully, she didn’t get any on her clothes because she was standing up (always look for the silver lining). At this point, I’m way behind schedule, and we get to school later than I had intended. 

Friday finally rolls around, and I think I’m out of the danger zone. What else could go wrong? Well… that day around noon, my hands and feet start to swell and I break out in hives all over my body! I was having a severe allergic reaction with no idea what caused it. The next day my mom was moving to the town we live in, so I had to suck it up and pull it together to help get the job done. I downed Benadryl and Naproxen all day and felt like complete crap, but there was no way I was going to let my mom down after all that she has done for us. The hives cleared up three days later, and my mystery allergy is still unknown. 

The first day of second grade

That sums up my hot mess of a first week back to school. Hope y'all had a better week than I did. Honestly, it wasn’t all bad. Memories were made and new adventures began. Life is full of hot mess moments that remind us to slow down and enjoy our crazy, messy, beautiful lives. Life is too short to worry about always being perfect. You are still a Super Mom or Super Dad even when you drop your kids off late to school. 


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