About Me

Welcome to my chaotic, messy, but mostly beautiful life! When I start to describe myself, the first two words I naturally use are SAHM (stay-at-home mom) and special needs mom. That has been my life for the past six years and has become my primary identity. However, there is so much more to me than just being a special needs, stay-at-home mom. I have ambitions and dreams that I am finally bringing to fruition. I want to leave a legacy my kids can be proud of. I want them to see that their mom happily sacrificed everything for them, but never lost sight of her passions, and worked just as hard to make her dreams a reality. 
Sharing my struggles and triumphs, whether it be in my weightless journey, my daughter’s latest health crisis, my day-to-day mom life, or my adventures in starting this blog and YouTube channel, is very important to me. I want the world to see me embracing the hot mess that is my life, while still striving daily to be better. We all have greatness in us. It’s a matter of finding your inner power, in spite of the obstacles you face, and embracing it. Being a hot mess a majority of the time is still going to happen. That is life. It is messy and imperfect. We can't be Super Mom all the time - at that is OKAY. Finding balance in your life is what will bring you the most happiness.

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